Welcome to Dr. Tech and Associates official website.

Dr. Tech and Associates operates under the Nova Scotia Joint Stocks registered name: Dr. TechAA Learning Designers.

Our associates have extensive training and experience in instructional design and technology integration in the K-12 learning space. In fact, Dr.Tech himself acquired the first microcomputer that was ever used in a public school setting in the province of Nova Scotia. Since this humble beginning in 1978, he and his associates have been on the leading edge of educational technology innovation and integration within North America.

Dr. Tech and Associates offers a range of services that are of interest to both the K-12 Learning Community and other institutions that embrace learning and that have needs in this area.

Explore our site and observe the types of experiences and initiatives in which we have played a major role.

We look forward to hearing from you, if you feel that our services could be potential use to you and your organization.


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