Dr. Tech and Associates provide training in both the use of educational software applications and in the operation of Macintosh operating systems.

When it comes to educational software applications, the focus is on an integrated approach, often incorporating constructivist learning principles. The staff is well acquanted with both forms of PBL: Problem-Based Learning and Project-Based Learning. Open-ended software titles, such as Inspiration, and the iLife and iWorks multimedia-based multimedia suites are used to enhance student learning.

Staff of Dr. Tech and Associates have served as official Apple Trainers. They are well versed in the current editions of the Macintosh client and server operating systems. Training in and support of these operating systems (and their predecessors) has been a focus of Dr.Tech and Associate staff for fifteen years.

In the past three years, Dr. Tech and Associates have also provided training in the use of open source content management tools and virtual learning environments. Expertise exists in the PostNuke and Joomla Content Management Systems (CMS), as well as in the aTutor and Moodle Virtual Learning Environments. School Boards across Nova Scotia, in addition to universities, have benefited from Dr.Tech and Associates expertise in this area.