Lesley Higgins-Elchuck has been a technology-using educator for almost fifteen years. In 1993, she was a lead member of the first major technology integration initiative in the 10,000 student school board in which she was a classroom teacher and a teacher-librarian. Lesley graduated from the University College of Cape Breton's Diploma in Information Technology program.

Lesley has no less than three years' experience as a technology integration mentor and as an instructional designer and teacher in a hybrid online learning environment. Ms. Higgins-Elchuck has presented at conferences and workshops in both the United States and Canada. She spent time as an Apple Trainer and has instructed courses as part of a Diploma in Information Technology.

Lesley's specific expertise and interests include (but are not limited to):

  • graphic design
  • the integration of multimedia applications into the learning environment
  • 1-to-1 Laptop Learning environments

Ms. Higgins-Elchuck has served on numerous Board and Nova Scotia Department of Education task forces and curriculum committees.